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Sally-Anne Tapia-Bowes is a full-time teacher and past book & coffee shop co-owner of Write Blend, She has also worked as a radio presenter (Beyond Books Show on HCR 92.3 FM Sundays 09:00-12:00) and is author of both adult and children's fiction.Furthermore, she worked for Bay TV as an interviewer, Her most recent interviews include Tim Quinn (Marvel Comics), Tim chose Sally-Anne to conduct his first interview for his autobiography: Argh! and Mike Carey, author of the book and blockbuster film: The Girl with All the Gifts.

She graduated from Hope University with a degree in English Literature and Contemporary Art, later completing a P.G.C.E. in English and Drama at Liverpool University.

For a number of years, she worked for the Edexcel Examination Board as a Chief and Principal Examiner for I.G.C.S.E. English Literature as well as Principal Examiner for G.C.S.E. English Literature.

HIS MOTHER was her debut novel in 2015; the sequel HER FATHER was released Christmas 2016. The final novel in the trilogy: SISTERS is due to be released in 2017. Themes in this psychological thriller series include, dysfunctional families, mental health, rejection, loss and regret.

Her debut children's story, 'The Star that Lost its Sparkle!', was officially launched on the 19th of December 2015. A further three children's stories were published throughout the year of 2016. These include 2 in the series of: Mr Crocodile's Adventures, The Gift and Saami and the White Wolf.

Sally-Anne has participated in the WOW Summer Festival 2016, performing alongside Alan Gibbons and Mandy Coe. She has also taken part in numerous Crime Literature Evening Events, most recently: 'The Female Species is More Deadly than the Male' with International author Kate Ellis.


His Mother

Set in the attractive seaside town of Southport, HIS MOTHER is a contemporary psychological thriller about a secondary school teacher: Mr Rimmer.

A teenage female body is found face down in the Marshide marshlands.  Detectives Inspector Folkard and Sergeant Shakespeare strongly suspect Mr Rimmer to be their man.

Unfortunately, it proves challenging to find the much-needed evidence that would link the death of Mary-Eloise Chambers to their suspect.

Mr Rimmer has many secrets; although he appears to live alone, he in fact does not. The closer Inspector Folkard and Sergeant Shakespeare get to their killer, the more the reader learns of Mr Rimmer’s relationship with his mother.


It is only when Inspector Folkard looks back at similar attacks on young females, that she begins to make some much needed headway. Inspector Folkard knows there is at least one other body close by; finding it could be the vital piece of the puzzle, but where to look? 

Her Father

Set in the attractive seaside town of Southport, HER FATHER is a contemporary psychological thriller about a troubled teenager: Mara Aneka Bones.

It is on the evening of Valentine’s Day that Inspector Folkard’s short break away is interrupted by an urgent call from  Sergeant Shakespeare. The bodies of two male teenagers have been discovered in the late hours of the evening at a local park: one is in a critical state, the other one is dead.

With a possible double homicide on their hands, the detectives struggle to find any concrete witnesses willing to come forward. It also proves difficult to wade through the many versions of what exactly was going on in Botanic Park that evening.

Mara Bones is fifteen years old and a lonely recluse. Her mother died during childbirth; she lives only with her father. The closer Inspector Folkard and Sergeant Shakespeare get to their killer, the more the reader learns about Mara and her father. When Inspector Folkard interviews Mara, her suspicions are immediately ignited, although there is no real evidence linking her to either attack. Inspector Folkard must tread judiciously – she could after all, have a teenage, serial killer on her hands.


December 2017...
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Write Blend Celebrates Its First Birthday! In Style by Ian D. Hall

Sally-Anne's latest interview will be on Liverpool's biggest radio station, Radio City 96.7 at 14:00hrs on Wednesday 13th April 2016.  Click here to listen live!

Launch and Book Signing Event, "The Star that Lost its Sparkle!" written by Sally-Anne Tapia-Bowes and illustrated by Holly Bushnell at Write Blend Book Shop and Coffee House, Waterloo, Liverpool; 14:00hrs - Saturday 19th December 2015.

"The Star that Lost its Sparkle!" is available from Amazon, click here to buy your copy

Book Signing/Meet the Author Event at Formby Books, The Cloisters from 13:00hrs - Saturday the 18th of April 2015: see latest interview OTS NEWS

Book signing of HIS MOTHER Saturday 14th March at Formby Books from 13:00hrs, click here for location

Sally-Anne's latest interview with Champion Newspaper, click here

Read Sally-Anne's interview at Broadhurst of Southport at OTS News

"HIS MOTHER" now available at Broadhursts of Southport, Market Street, Southport - click here for location

"His Mother" is available on Kindle or Paperback from Amazon, click here

All proceeds from the novel: HIS MOTHER will be donated to the charity YOUNG MINDS" Click here for Youngminds"

Children's Books

Mr Crocodile Bites the Thumbs of my Toes as I Peg Out the Washing in the Back Garden!

I visited the beautiful country of Sri Lanka last year; it was a very nice visit you know. It was there that I first saw, for the very first time, a black swan! The only thing was, a stowaway crocodile, one with an unusually long tail, had deliberately hidden himself in one of my lovely all-leather, elephant-decorated travel bags, the really long one, the one shaped like a can on its side. It was a while before I discovered Mr Crocodile. He spoke very good English but his Russian accent threw me at first. I later learned that his mother, who ran off with Somalian pirate, had been Russian. How she met his father, is another story. And that is how Mr Crocodile ended up living at The Bowers, with us, his new family. The Bowers is in the U.K. (England, to be precise). Mr Crocodile is now thousands of miles from home. We do hope he will never leave us, for we love him very much.

Magenta the Witch Works her Magic on a Bored Mr Crocodile

Meet Mr Crocodile! Mr Crocodile lives at Plum Cottage, with his new family: that is, with Pip, Poppy, Penny and me (Mum). In this story, Mr Crocodile goes on a date with Magenta the witch, although Clarence, her cat, is NOT very happy about it!

Meet Bailey, the little sky-blue star that actually lost its sparkle! It is up to Grandnan to put things right; luckily Grandnan always knows what to do… Launched Christmas 2015, 'The Star that Lost its Sparkle!' is a heart-warming story that all children will love. For many children, a grandparent is a significant other adult in their important life. This children's story celebrates that unique bond. As a child. I was very close to both my grandparents. Dedicated to Bailey and in memory of my sister Rebecca, this story is the first to be published. Watch out for more stories about Bailey! Illustrated by Holly Bushnell Free glitter for every reader who purchased a book. Just leave your name & address and I will post it to you, Thank you. Click here to get your free glitter

'Saami and the White Wolf' is a re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen's classic story,'The Little Matchgirl'. Set in the Inuit village of Bethem, Saami, a little matchgirl, fails to sell any of the matchboxes her mother has given her that day. She is very cold and very hungry. So is a nearby wolf. In the snow-crested Arctic mountains, and within easy reach of the village, a white wolf is desperate to feed her starving cubs. If she is to save them, she must enter the village unseen and find some food. What will happen when Saami lights her last three matches? And what will happen when the desperate wolf and Saami meet?

More to come